Our process excellence

Our company boasts world leading production technologies and process expertise based on 50 years of experience, which allows us to provide powders with the very highest purities. Thanks to our innovative tantalum and niobium recycling processes, we are able to reclaim pure tantalum and niobium from almost any type of tantalum containing scrap or production by-products. Depending on the required product our experienced team manufactures our tantalum and niobium powders in the following production steps: pyro metallurgy, hydro metallurgy or powder metallurgy. 

  • SMELTING PLANT - The pyrometallurgical process extracts tantalum and niobium from low-grade raw materials by means of melting and thermal treatment. A unique technology allows for the utilization of a broad raw material base to diversify supply and realize cost advantages.
  • CHEMICAL PLANTS – This is where the wet chemical extraction of tantalum and niobium is performed from raw materials, as well as the purification and crystallization of tantalum and niobium for high-end applications. We process a broad variety of feedstock into a sophisticated portfolio of powders, specialty oxides, chlorides, compounds & alloy additives. Advanced process technology allows for highest purities.
  • METAL PLANTS – In our metal plants we adjust the compositions and design of the physical properties of powder particles by high temperature reactions, milling, sieving and granulation. In house developed magnesium reduction for capacitor powders allows highest energy densities which outperform current technologies.