Spherical Refractory Metal Powders Optimized for Additive Manufacturing

pulver bauteil_neu (002).jpgAdditive manufacturing, also known as 3D-printing, provides the possibility to produce complex, individually customized parts. This technology has revolutionized manufacturing and the variety of application designs. The combination of the unique versatility of our gas-atomized AMPERTEC® Spherical Niobium and Tantalum Powders with the outstanding design freedom of additive manufacturing technologies opens up entirely new application opportunities.

Spherical Tantalum and Niobium Powders

Refractory metals like tantalum and niobium are very robust and unique materials, which both exhibit high melting points, high corrosion resistance, excellent chemical resistance and biocompatibility. Due to their high thermal and electrical conductivity, they are suitable for a wide range of high-tech applications. For high demanding applications like superconductors, we can offer powders with a very low oxygen content.

With our atomized AMPERTEC® Spherical Niobium Powder, you can print multifaceted-structure components that have up to now been thinkable. The properties of AMPERTEC® Spherical Niobium can be combined with the advantages of different additive manufacturing technologies such as laser beam melting, electron beam melting, and laser metal deposition. Due to its unique properties, it can be applied in corrosion-resistant components and high-temperature applications in the chemical processing industries.

The AMPERTEC Spherical Tantalum Powders open new possibilities in applications that combine high corrosion resistance with freedom of design. AMPERTEC® Spherical Tantalum offers the right solutions where conventionally manufactured parts reach their limits; for example, parts with highest purity and high performance, such as microreactors. In the field of medical implants, the combination of the high biocompatibility of our powder with its freedom of design enables the creation of the very best patient-specific solutions.

Besides the pure elements of Ta and Nb, we provide also AMPERTEC® Spherical Ti-42Nb Powder. Mechanical parameters of 3D printed specimens with a low E-modulus (60GPa) at high strength (680MPa) reveal its potential as a solution for high-performance applications that require the combination of high elasticity and high strength. Combined with the excellent biocompatibility of niobium, our AMPERTEC® Spherical Ti-42Nb Powder beats for example properties of standard medical implant materials.

Our broad expertise in the manufacture and development of tantalum and niobium powders makes H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH your ideal partner for the development of new alloys suitable for AM processing for applications that depend on high quality, high purity powders.