Committed to Mankind and the Environment

Sustainable actions are closely linked to sustainable business. That’s because a company’s long-term success is dependent on it being able to create a business environment which takes the environmental, economic and social impact of its actions into account.

Solutions for today – and tomorrow

Our activities are driven by one goal – to develop solutions that meet the needs and requirements of individuals, society and markets today, as well as profit future generations.
We offer concepts and products to improve man’s ecological footprint and quality- of- life, and continuously strive to optimize our environmental performance. To this end, we are actively engaged in recycling waste generated by past business activities.

As a company with a tremendous sense of social responsibility, H.C. Starck Tantalum and Niobium GmbH is concerned about the safety, health and protection of the people producing and using its products.

As a globally-active company, we comply with the laws and environmental standards of our business partners and regions where we do business, and respect their ethical norms.